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Stonelaw High School


Geography is the study of the Earth and everything on it. From S1 to S6 Geography students will explore how various landscapes and features around the world are formed, the threats these face, how humans impact their environment and how the environment impacts us. Students will also gain valuable skills such as analysing and evaluating data, map skills and take part in various decision making exercises. 



 S1 Geography BGE


Through S1 and S2 all pupils will visit Geography on rotation with History and Modern Studies. In Geography they will cover the topics listed below and  gain valuable skills and knowledge which will lay the foundations for concepts developed later in the 


The Empty Lands

Exploring the animals and people who live in the Hot Deserts, the Tropical Rainforests and the Tundra and the threats these areas face. 


OS Map Skills

Learning to read Ordnance Survey, 4 and 6 figure grid references as well as understanding scale, direction and map symbols.   


Natural Wonders of the World

A pupil led topic investigating various Natural Wonders around the world, exploring how they are formed and the threats some of them face. 


S2 Geography


Earth Forces

The study of our destructive planet. Looking at how volcanoes and earthquakes happen, the damage they can do to the environment and the populations who live their and the aid which is provided after such events. 


Italy and Nepal 

Comparing and contrasting the differences between a developed country and a developing country. Studying how the climate, population densities, population structure and level of development differs between the two countries by compiling a report. 


S3/ S4 Geography (BGE through to National 3, 4 & 5)


The course is divided into 4 units:


Physical Geography - Rivers, Limestone and Weather 

Human Geography - Urban, Population and Rural

Global Issues - Hazards and Health

Added Value Unit - conducting a piece of fieldwork



Higher Geography


The course is divided into 4 units:


Physical Geography - Lithosphere (Glaciation and Coasts),                       Biosphere, Atmosphere and Hydrosphere 

Human Geography - Urban, Population and Rural

Global Issues - Development & Health and Climate Change

Added Value Unit - conducting a piece of fieldwork


There is also a Map Skills element which will be examined in the exam. 


Advanced Higher Geography


The course is designed to prepare students for Higher Education and has three main elements:

- Critically evaluating a contemporary environmental issue

- Conducting a field study 

- Examining the validity of various fieldwork techniques, statistics and and presentation of Geographical data











National 3, 4, 5




Advanced Higher