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Stonelaw High School

Welcome to the Technical Department

Pupil Absence

If any pupil is absent, they should login to their Glow account and access their Google Classroom.

They should login to https://glow.rmunify.com/ and enter their Glow email address and password.


S1/S2 Pupils

Once you have entered Google Classroom, please click on the house icon on the left hand side of the screen, then scroll through the apps and click on Google Classroom.

You will now see a class named either ‘S1 Technical’ or ‘S2 Technical’ please click on the word ‘Join

You will now have access to the work provided for each week.


S3-S6 Pupils

All S3 to S6 pupils should follow the same instructions as above to login to Google Classroom. Then click on the + sign on the top right of the screen and click ‘Join Class’ then enter your ‘Class Code’ from the list below.


S3 Graphic Communication –  3q5qijw

S3 Design & Manufacture – e34msey

S3 Engineering Science – k2kdlcs

S4 Graphic Communication – bzab6nb

S4 Woodworking –

S4 Design & Manufacture – 4lmfl4h

Inventor Tutorials - e2r23m4

S4 Engineering Science – yoqwmev

S5/6 Photography – hwp7xfj

S5/6 Graphic Communication – 6aiezof

S5/6 Engineering Science - vndzbln


 Technical Department

 The department is committed to delivering stimulating and creative experience for students of all abilities in Design, Engineering and Technology.

We draw on the expertise of all our staff to improve the problem solving, decision making and graphic skills of our students.

The department staff have a wide range of experience within in industry and education and draw from their experiences to provide active and relevant lessons for all young people 

The work that we do in each subject area has creativity at its core. We encourage young people to develop their confidence and aspirations and consider what they can achieve with effort and determination

Please browse through our study resources and revision website at


S1 - S3  
Broad General Education

Design & Manufacture                                         Engineering Science 
National 4 to Higher                                            National 4 to Higher 

Graphic Communication                                             Practical Woodworking
National 4 to Higher                                                     National 4 & 5

NPA & Higher