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Stonelaw High School

Stonelaw Partners

Within Stonelaw, we have a number of partners who work hard to improve the everyday life of our pupils. 


The Pathfinder team are part of the wider Youth, Family and Community Learning (YFCL) service. Using Youth Work and Community Learning and Development (CLD) approaches, the team work with, young people and families throughout the Cambuslang and Rutherglen areas.  Responding to the needs identified and supporting engagement in learning within school and community settings to deliver positive outcomes. 

"CLD empowers people of all ages to work individually or collectively to make positive changes in their lives, and in their communities, through learning, personal development and active citizenship."

- Education Scotland

The work with young people is built upon three defining features:

  1. Young people choose to participate.
  2. The work builds from where young people are.
  3. Youth work recognises the young person and youth worker as partners in a learning process.

Kieran Brannan - gw19brannankieran@glow.sch.uk 



The MCR/YST programme focuses on supporting care-experienced and other vulnerable young people to ensure that they can achieve the same education outcomes, career opportunities and life chances as every other young person.  With a Pathways Coordinator based in school, they are able to support and facilitate the individual relationship with young people. This allows them to reach their potential and progress to a positive, sustainable post-school destination.  The programme is optional for Young People and they have the option to participate.  

Helen France - gw19francehelen@glow.sch.uk 


PC Wandrum

PC Wandrum is our Campus Police Officer, an operational officer who has the same primary roles and responsibilities ordinarily expected of a Police Constable; to perform the statutory role of protecting life and property, the prevention and detection of crime, and to maintain the peace in the community.

PC Wandrum's role enables the school and surrounding community to have a more dedicated focus and input from the Police Service of Scotland. PC Wandrum not only serves the school and the local community but is able to proactively use his knowledge and experiences within lessons to help better educate our young learners on serious matters that are going on or may be encountered in the future.