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Stonelaw High School


S5-6 Prelim Timetable

Attached is a copy of the S5-6 Prelim timetable. This will be distributed to pupils this week in class and key information is on the final page regarding exam clashes, study leave and additional arrangements.

Download it here.


We are able to offer in class supported study this term and I have attached the supported study timetable that will run from Monday 26 April to Wednesday 26 May. The timetable outlines the subject, level, and day for each session across the next five weeks. This will take place in class and will support pupils in preparing for SQA assessments and completing units. 

Class teachers will also be posting this information on google classrooms with further details on the times and content of the sessions. All sessions take place at the end of the school day. 



Over the course of the Summer term there will be SQA assessments taking place as we gather evidence before submitting SQA Provisional Awards on Friday 25 June. There was information sent to S5 and S6 parents and pupils last week regarding Assessment Programme 1 for S5/6 in April and S4 had their Assessment Programme 1 in December.

There will be an S4-6 Assessment period 2 for all National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher pupils from May 12 to May 27. Attached are the details of SQA Assessment Programme 1 for S5/6 (April 19-30) and SQA Assessment Programme 2 for all S4-6 pupils (May 12 to 27). More details on SQA Assessment Programme 2 will be communicated to pupils and parents at the start of next term.

Also attached is the S4-6 Practical Assessment Timetable (April - June) and an overview of evidence requirements for each SQA subject. 









SQA Information Booklet


All S4-6 pupils have recently been sent an information booklet from the SQA outlining key pieces of information for them to consider for this session. The booklet is attached below. 




Attached is the supported study timetable that will run until the end of this term. The timetable outlines the subject, level, day, and class code for each session across the next three weeks. This will be a digital provision on Google Classroom and take the form of live lessons. Class teachers will also be posting this information on google classrooms with further details on the times and content of the sessions. All sessions take place at the end of the school day and will give pupils the time to go home if they have classes in school periods 5 and 6. The supported study provision for the summer term will be communicated with parents before the Easter holidays.




E-sgoil are currently providing an excellent e-learning offer to support pupils. Their Easter study support classes are now open for registration and I highly recommend pupils take up the opportunity. This link provides all the information and allows pupils to sign up for the classes. 




Below is a link to a SWAY update that outlines recent information from the SQA. This update includes an overview of the provisional awards/generating estimates process for our S4-6 pupils and sets out the areas of focus for when they return to school. There will be a further update before the end of this term setting out our programme of assessment for senior phase pupils. 

Stonelaw HS - S4-6 SQA Update 4/3/2021
The final date for submitting provisional results has been extended to Friday 25 June 2021
Go to this Sway



SQA Higher/ Advanced Higher Update

Although exams have been cancelled, S5/6 preliminary assessments will go ahead as planned in January for Higher and Advanced Higher pupils. This will give pupils the opportunity to gather high quality evidence, which will contribute to their final SQA awards. As the SQA and SLC release more information regarding Higher and Advanced Higher certification it will be communicated to parents/carers.

This link https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/96102.html also details some information regarding the decision to cancel exams.


With the removal of exams at N5 level, the January prelims this year will only be for Higher and Advanced Higher pupils. It will take place over 7 days as opposed to the traditional two-week diet. This is made possible by the removal of N5's and will allow us to maximise teaching and learning time. The plans for study leave are outlined on the instructions attached to the timetable. 

Pupils will receive a copy of the timetable today and there should be minimal clashes over the course of the diet. During this period, the expectation will be that S5/6 N5 pupils will be gathering assessment evidence in class.




SQA Update

The following link outlines key information and updates about National Qualifications in the 2020-21 session. 


S4 - S6 Assessment Calendar

Attached are links to S4 and S5/6 Assessment Calendars for all subjects until the end of term. Assessments from January to May will be provided in early December.

All S4-6 pupils and parents will also be emailed copies of this and the supporting study guide.

These documents will give you an overview of assessments taking place this term and some strategies to support pupils in preparing for them. 

S4 Assessment Calendar

S5 and S6 Assessment Calendar

Assessment Support - study guide, wellbeing and parent/carer information


Changes to assessment of National Courses:

Depute First Minister’s Statement:



Changes to National 5 Courses



Questions and Answers document about changes in National Courses