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Stonelaw High School

S1/2 Modern Studies
Pupils begin S1 with an introduction to Modern Studies, discussing key themes and ideas, as well as research methods which they will become familiar with in this subject.  They then move on to look at Rights and Responsibilities, with particular emphasis on children and young people.  In the second rotation, pupils look at the Development Gap, identifying differences between the lives of people in developed and developing countries around the world.

In S2 Modern Studies pupils look at the political, social and economic structures and issues in the United States of America, drawing comparisons with Britain and Scotland.  In the second rotation pupils look at the political, social and economic structures and issues in the People’s Republic of China, drawing comparisons with Scotland, Britain and the USA.
In S1 pupils are expected to watch, listen to or read the news on a weekly basis and be prepared to discuss news items with the class, to help them to build up a bank of knowledge about the world around them.

In S2 pupils complete a detailed research project on the countries they are studying. They also complete an interdisciplinary project on Africa based on their work across the Humanities at the end of S1/beginning of S2.

In both years pupils are expected to regularly revise key information, particularly in the run up to assessments, which they will be advised about by their teacher.

S3/4 Modern Studies
N3/4/5 Modern Studies provides pupils with an excellent grasp of current affairs in the world today.  The main aim of the course is to develop skills and understanding in pupils with regard to a variety of political, social and international issues.  It is designed to equip children with the necessary skills to enable them to make informed decisions and develop informed attitudes about things going on around them.
Today, Modern Studies has particular relevance.  Pupils are living in an era of great political and social change.  In the last few years, Britain, Europe and the World have changed dramatically.  Some of the main topics discussed in Modern Studies during the course include the Scottish Parliament, Trade Unions, the USA and Crime and the Law. 
Pupils will usually have a fortnightly piece of homework to complete as part of their course work.  An important part of the course is the AV or added value unit and this will be started in class but will need to be completed at home.