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Stonelaw High School



Welcome, bienvenue, bienvenidos and willkommen!


In Stonelaw, we currently offer the following languages from S1 through to Advanced Higher 



Mrs L Hill (Principal Teacher: Monday - Thursday) - French and Spanish
Miss K Walsh (Principal Teacher: Friday) - Spanish and French 
Mrs J Irvine - German and French 
Ms S Bremner - German and French 
Mr T McCabe - French and Spanish 
Miss A Russell - Spanish and French 



All pupils will continue with French, their L2 (second language), from S1.  

Pupils will receive a six week taster course in Spanish and German too. 

Pupils will study Modern Languages for 3 periods a week. 



Pupils will continue to study French but now have the choice of studying it alongside Spanish or German. 

Pupils will study Modern Languages for 4 periods a week and these will be split between the two languages.
For example, 2 periods of French and 2 periods of Spanish. 



Pupils will make a decision on which language they would like to continue with into S3.

The option to study 2 languages is also available. 

Pupils will begin their National qualification journeys in S3.



Pupils continue with their National qualification journey with the aim of achieving either:

-National 3 (internally marked)

-National 4 (internally marked)-

National 5 (externally marked with an SQA exam)

Pupils will complete assessments in the 4 skills : Talking, Writing, Reading and Listening 



Pupils can continue their languages journeys into Higher or Advanced Higher (S6 only).

National 5 is also available to S5/6 pupils. 


If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to complete the Google Form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Alternatively, you can email L. Hill (Principal Teacher)