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Stonelaw High School

School Closure Update:

 If there are any issues or if you have questions about the work being left for your child, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Miss Walsh 



 All classes from S1-S6 have been added to google classrooms.

If your child has not accepted the invite to join the classroom yet, they can do so through their Glow account on the Google Classroom tile.

If your child has not been added, the class codes are below:


 Miss Walsh

1A1: kwozq5s
1B3: aff47ti
3rd year French: hveenti
4th year French: 5ai3xdt
4th year Spanish: tp37czl
N5 Spanish (S5/S6): srfclcj
Higher Spanish: n2xfrxj


Mrs Irvine: 
1S1: lxk2yvy
2nd Year (Monday Period 3 class): 5zoasls
2nd year (Monday Period 5 class): bgqub65
3rd year German: vlkam6b
4th year German: iclwnnr
Higher German: rjvy3hi

Miss Bremner
1A2: omvf3wr
2nd year (Monday Period 3 class): xngbigm
2nd year (Monday Period 5 class): vhyi3en
3rd year German: rknakdx
4th year German: kqmqz7k
Higher French: fskjxaw

Mr. McCabe:
1B1: 6h46svq
1S2: wvatram
2nd Year (Monday Period 3 class): bdsh6xa
2nd year (Monday Period 5 class): mdgv6qz
3rd year French: 4pqlbgk
4th year French (Monday/Tuesday/Friday): xcyhkqb
4th year French (Wednesday/Thursday/Friday): quurn5e
Mrs. Muir:
1B2: ftw7g5n
1S3: rruxsdw
2nd year (Monday Period 3 Class): 7dzgzcl
2nd year (Monday Period 5 Class): rjokzyg
3rd Year French: afcbbxq
3rd Year Spanish: mdtxw6k