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Stonelaw High School

The Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities fully supports the aim of South Lanarkshire Council to provide the highest quality of education by:

  • Providing an appropriate and stimulating curriculum to meet the needs of all pupils
  • Encouraging pupils to achieve their maximum potential
  • Ensuring equality of opportunity
  • Promoting effective partnerships with pupils, parents and the wider community 

The Faculty of Humanities was created in May 2007 when the departments of Geography, History, Modern Studies and RME were combined together.  All four subjects within the faculty teach pupils from S1 to S6 delivering the broad general education planned by A Curriculum for Excellence in S1 to S3 then in the senior phase (S4 to S6) the opportunity to study each subject towards a National Qualification at N3/4/5 level (S4) leading to Higher level (S5) or even Advanced Higher level (S6).