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Stonelaw High School

Administration and IT

Administrative and IT job opportunities are increasing as all modern businesses need effective procedures to make sure that they are organised and functioning properly.

Studying Administration and IT will uniquely enhance a learner’s employability in these growing sectors by teaching them how to use IT software to an industry standard and how to contribute positively to the Administrative systems that ensure a business is running successfully.

Moreover, the Course makes an important contribution to supporting the wider curriculum and a learner’s general education through developing a range of essential organisational and IT skills, which will stand them in good stead regardless of the career path they ultimately choose.

Administration and IT does this by developing the following critical skills, knowledge and understanding.

  • IT skills in the use of word processing, desk top publishing, spreadsheet and database software
  • IT skills in using technology for communication and investigation (e.g multimedia, e-mail and        internet)
  • Organisational skills (e.g preparing business events and meetings)
  • Understanding of how to develop good customer care systems
  • Understanding of how key legislation affects businesses and employees
  • Problem solving skills


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