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Stonelaw High School

Business Management

Business needs to be managed properly if they are to successfully provide the jobs and products that modern society depends upon them for.

Studying Business Management will act as an introduction to this world of business for learners. This will enhance their employability, as it will start to teach learners how their entrepreneurial attributes can be used to positively contribute in a practical way to the success of different businesses.

Business does this by beginning to develop the following skills, knowledge and understanding.

  • Enterprising qualities that help a business start-up
  • Business planning skills – marketing, finance, operations
  • Straightforward communication, ICT and team working skills
  • Understanding of the role and impact of business on our daily lives
  • Understanding of the ways that businesses can meet customer’s needs
  • Knowledge of the effects of internal and external influences on business activities


National 5 and Higher Business Study Advice